Heading to the Southwest

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I’m heading off to a Photo Workshop in Chinle AZ and Monument Valley Utah with Alain and Natalie Briot in the next couple of weeks, so I hope to have something new to show when I get back. It seems like good composition would be easier at a place like the Grand Canyon, but this is far from true. The senses are overwhelmed by the vastness and power of the view, but that doesn’t automatically translate into a great composition on print. In fact, if you just throw the wide-angle lens on the camera, trying to capture the feeling, you’ll probably end up with a bunch of busy photos with no subject for the eye. It may still be a pleasing image, but it probably won’t go beyond that.

Update: This image shows the problem of photographing from an overhead. Nothing gets isolated, and the scene is maybe too vast and common.

Feel free to comment on it.


Nikon D200/12-24mm @ 14mm

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Welcome to the glorious-landscape Blog!

The objective of the blog is to focus on the Art of Photography, with an emphasis on the magic of the landscape – the natural world.

Rather than Mother Earth, which evidently could mean all kinds of things, I see a creative power and design in the Universe, so I approach photography as a chance to get a further glimpse of the Designer. Everyone needs focus, and that’s mine. It’s wonderful that Art allows for all viewpoints. Spiritual beliefs of all kinds have influenced Art forever and always will.

Anyway, I offer here my photography, and hope to build a journal of issues around Landscape photography and Composition, with a minor on gear.

Mark Esposito – April, 2009